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Q - Is Malone’s Design Concepts a licensed architectural firm?


A - No! We are a building designing firm, Malone’s design concepts has two ways of turning your design package into the local building department.


Stamp and Signing and Owner / Builder


Stamp and Singing:


Malone’s Design Concepts provides referrals to consulting civil and structural engineers for the safety and convenience of our customers. When we turn your design package over to these professionals, Malone's Design Concept’s follows their instructions throughout the rest of the project. Malone’s Design Concepts prefers this method over owner / builder and when the building department requires stamp and signing, this is the only method available to us.


Owner / Builder declaration:


The building code states that any homeowner or commercial owner can build onto their property up to two stories in height to qualify for the owner / builder declaration. (See the Business & Professions Code, sections 7044 and 5537, However the building official has the right to require stamp and sign by an engineer if the structure being build is complicated in deign.


Q - Can Malone’s Design Concepts get stamp and signing done if the building department requires it?


A - Yes! All of our plans are put together with such professionalism that any engineer can work with them, for this reason we provide referrals to consulting civil and structural engineers for review, stamp & sign.


Q - Will the Building department ask for stamp & sign for our design package if it is a simple room addition?


A - The building department holds the right to ask for stamp and sign at any time, however in the last twelve years of designing room additions, we have never had them turn a project down due to stamp & signing.


Q - What is included in a design package?


A - A design package consists of: A plot plan with property lines, general  notes, an existing floor plan, a new floor plan, existing and new elevations, new sections and details. (PDF’s may take time to load).


Q -  Are structural drawings and calculations included in the design package?


A -  We can include structural drawings in our proposal for the design package, but in most cases, we have found it easier to separate the packages due to insurance, inspections and company responsibility. We use highly qualified structural designers and engineers for our projects and for the convenience of our customers. We feel that it is best for each profession to conduct business in a way that best represents their company as required by Malone’s Design Concepts.


Q - What are some of the fees associated with having a design package



A - Depending on the complexity, scope of work and the building department requirements, the fee schedule can range within the following:


1. Initial consultation = free

2. Building design packages range between $1,000 - $5,000

3. Structural design packages range between $500 - $3,000

4. Fire department review and sign is $47 if less than 1,000 Sq. Ft. are

   added or under 50% of existing footprint, if over 1,000 Sq. Ft. or 50% of Sq.

   ft. The fee is $353 and sprinklers will be required. (All new construction

   requires fire sprinklers)

5. School department review and sign is free if under 500 Sq. Ft.

    If over 500 Sq. Ft. the fee is $2.97 Sq. Ft. / Commercial = $.47 Sq. Ft.

6. Planning department submittal ranges between $0 - $300

7. Building department submittal ranges between $0 - $300

8. Permit issuance depends on Sq. Ft. of structure, around $1,200 is common for room additions.


Q - Once we have the design package and permits, what do we do next?


A - Malone’s Design Concepts has their own General contractors, we can send your design to our contractors for bidding or if you prefer you can send the design package to your own contractors.


Q - What is the difference between using our own contractors versus using Malone’s Design Concepts contractors?


A - Malone’s Design Concepts’ has a very close working relationship with their contractors, we insist that they treat our customers with integrity or we won’t work with them!


Q - What is the difference between a contractor and a General contractor?


A - A contractor is a trade contractor like plumber or electrician, a General contractor is a building contractor that manages and sets up all the trades in order to build your addition.


Q - How long does it take to receive the design package?


A - Malone’s Design Concepts puts great detail into their designs and it may take a little longer in the designing phase, once we have the proposal signed and dated, we begin putting the design package together. Once our design package gets to the building department, the approval is generally faster due to the clarity of the plans, commonly one or two months. PPD’s can take longer and are a little more expensive.


Q - What are PPD’s?


A - PPD stands for (precise plan design), structures that are detached, two stories in height or over 500 sq. ft. are considered PPD. The building department fees are a little more expensive and the time required for plan check is commonly two - three weeks longer.


Q - Is it necessary to sign the proposal?


A - Yes, Malone’s Design Concepts has had the proposal put together for the protection of ourselves as well our customers. Within this proposal our customers know exactly what they will be getting and what they will be charged. Malone’s Design Concepts does not have hidden charges of any kind at any time.


Q - If I can’t find the answers to my questions within this text, can I call Malone’s Design Concepts?


A - Yes, please call with any questions, there is no charge for an initial

consultation and we would be more than happy to come out to your project to see what you would like to do.

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